IRS Filed Your Tax Returns

What do Do if the IRS Filed Your Tax Returns for You?

Filing Taxes

Once you’ve received your transcripts, you may discover that the IRS has filed a Substitute for Return (SFR) for you. Most likely you will want to protest the amount of tax the IRS has determined you owe.

To do that:

1. Get your tax records together, for the years or periods filed by the IRS and have those returns professionally prepared.

2. Once the returns are prepared, write (in red ink) on the top of the first page of each return “SFR Protest”.

3. Mail each SFR Protest Return in a separate envelope to the appropriate IRS filing address for your state/area.

4. The IRS should respond within 30-90 days after they’ve received your SFR Protest Return(s).

5. Wait for the IRS to send you a re-calculation of what you now owe, based on an accurate filing of your taxes for each year or period in question.

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