What You Need To Know About Tax Fraud Cases

There are two things you can’t escape in life, death and taxes. The laws regarding your taxes can be complicated and if mistakes are caught, a tax fraud case can be opened against you.

These cases are divided into two general categories: Criminal and civil.

With civil charges, the government feels that, while filing your taxes, you made a serious mistake, acted negligently, or made a calculation error. If you are charged criminally, it means the government believes you intentionally tried to avoid paying your taxes by lying on your forms, having hidden assets, or that you’ve otherwise tried to deceive the government.

Tax attorney Mary King of the Law Office of Mary E King PL says:
“If the government believes you’re actively misreporting your income or avoiding paying taxes, the first step often includes an audit and this is when tax crimes are most likely to be found. If found guilty of lying on your taxes, you can face serious penalties, usually in the form of a fine, while more serious cases of fraud can be elevated to the IRS’s criminal investigation division.”

You won’t automatically be found guilty if you are investigated for tax fraud as there can be a number of legitimate reasons as to why your tax filing was inaccurate.

So the first thing you should do is reach out to an experienced tax attorney. The Law Office of Mary King has been dealing with the IRS for decades and there isn’t any tax problem they haven’t seen.

With this type of experience and confidence in your corner, you stand to achieve a more favorable outcome in your dealings with the IRS. So if you are facing an audit or potential tax fraud charges, give Mary King a call and see if she can help you.

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