Update Your Estate Plan Durable Power Of Attorney

COVID 19 continues to disrupt daily activity. It also shows that most of us are not prepared for an unexpected tragedy. That’s why Sarasota estate planning attorney mary king says it’s critical to review- and update- your estate plan. First up is your health care documents. A living will or advance directive lays out your end- of- life medical wishes. The treatment you do and do not want. A health care surrogate is a person who can make medical decisions for you if you cannot, even the ones you haven’t addressed in your living will. A durable power of attorney designates the person who handles all your financial decisions if you can not. The “power” can be as broad or as narrow as you’d like. Whether you only have a will, or you create and fund a trust to avoid probate, make sure you’ve updated your beneficiaries, life happens, relationships change. Remember your loved ones will have enough to deal with if something serious happens to you- these decisions should not be a part of it. There is a lot to think about, and you don’t want to put it off. Call the law office of Sarasota estate planning attorney mary king or visit taxlawyerflorida.com