Unpaid taxes


You probably feel like you pay your fair share… maybe more than your fair share …to uncle sam.

So it might surprise you to hear more than 16-percent of all federal taxes don’t get paid.

“solvable”, a tax and financial planning website, took a closer look at the “deadbeat” demographics, and industries, and here’s what they found.

First- you can’t blame millenials for this one.
tax payers aged 51 to 65 carry about half the nation’s outstanding tax debt.

the 65+ crowd: 26-percent.

for the most part, florida numbers mirror the national figures,
But in the sunshine state there is one profession that stands out in the tax delinquent crowd: real estate agents.
They have a 6% higher rate of not paying taxes.

The study also shows this is not an economic issue .
A little more than one third of unpaid taxes stem from households making more than 75 thousand dollars a year.

A quarter of *those cases fall in the 125-thousand dollar- a- year income bracket!

Professional and technical workers, with a 15% tax rate, carry more tax debt that any other type of worker.
a few examples?
and software engineers

Ignoring tax debt will *not make it go away. but hiring an experienced tax professional can.
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