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Paying Taxes

Many times, I meet with clients who have five or more years of unfiled federal tax returns. By the time a client comes to see me, something has happened in their life to make them want to get the situation resolved. house instance, they want to buy a house but can’t get a mortgage because they don’t have tax returns to provide to the mortgage company, they want to get married but are afraid to tell their fiancée about their tax problem, or the IRS is levying their wages or bank accounts.

This is the most common type of client I represent. However, I also represent clients who’ve been selected for audits and don’t want to deal with the IRS on their own, clients who’ve filed their taxes but are unable to pay them and as a result, their wages or bank accounts are being levied, and businesses with payroll tax issues. You might be thinking, “How can you possibly help these clients once they’ve gotten themselves into such a big mess?” Fortunately, even though these IRS matters can be very painful, they also can be resolved; it just takes time, persistence, and hard work.

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