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How Long Will it Take to End Your IRS Problems?

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It Depends…….

Before you worry about how long it will take to completely end your IRS problem, try to put it in perspective by asking yourself this question:

How long did it take to create your IRS problem?

A year….maybe 2 or 3… probably 4 or 5 years (if you’re like most people with IRS problems) … or maybe it took you even longer.

Whatever the amount of time you spent creating your IRS problem, you’ll be happy to know that it will usually take less time to completely resolve it.  But before you start thinking that your IRS problem is going to go away overnight… it’s time to think again.

Once you buy into the fact that dealing with the IRS is a SLOW process, the happier you’re going to be in your everyday life.  On occasion, the IRS may surprise you and make a decision in your favor overnight…but that’s the very rare exception.

Below are some of the variables which can affect how long the IRS will take to resolve a taxpayer’s IRS problem:

  • Is your local IRS office busy?
  • Is the information the IRS has on you correct?
  • How complex is your IRS problem?
  • Have you had previous IRS problems?
  • Have you provided the IRS every piece of information they need?
  • Have you provided them too much information?
  • Have you been easy to deal with?
  • Does the IRS dislike you for some reason?
  • Do you have stuff the IRS wants? (i.e. money, cars, boats or other assets)?

You need to stop thinking about the IRS every day and stop looking over your shoulder during every financial transaction, waiting for the IRS to appear.

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