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Hire a Tax Attorney— and End Those Sleepless Nights!

Paying Taxes

I’m frequently at meetings, and when I’m asked what I do, and I say I’m an attorney, the person invariably asks, “What kind of attorney?” I suspect they’re guessing that I’m a family and marital law attorney because they’re generally very surprised when I respond that I help people who have IRS problems. You can see the fear in their eyes as they take a step back, sort of cringe, and say something along the lines of: “You actually talk to the IRS? I could never do that.”

So who am I? My name is Mary King, and yes, I’m an IRS problem-solving attorney. I’ve been practicing law for more than 18 years, and since 1999, my office has been located in Sarasota, Florida. The fact is my clients have all types of IRS problems that require me to talk to IRS agents on a daily basis and actually go to the local IRS office at least once a month. I have a good relationship with local IRS officials due to the fact that I’ve worked in so many cases with them.

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