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I’ve recently had some interesting cases I thought I might share with you. The first couple came into my office in desperation. The IRS was threatening to levy the wife’s monthly Social Security Disability payments. The husband had lost his business and was working at a minimum wage job to support their household. This was a couple in their mid-60s who were on the verge of losing everything dear to them—their home and their way of life. The wife was very ill; she had severe depression, and the stress of the IRS coming after them was almost too much for her to cope with.

They retained me to handle all communications with the IRS and negotiate a settlement for the debt they owed. At the time they retained me, they didn’t have any outstanding tax returns, but they owed the IRS in excess of $85,000 for four years of unpaid tax returns. Over the next nine months, due to their perilous financial condition, I was able to submit an offer in compromise to the IRS and negotiate a successful total payoff of $9,000. They’ve now finished paying their offer in compromise completely, and the IRS has released the lien against their home. They’re thrilled that they can get back to concentrating on what’s important to them: her health and paying their bills. I received a very nice thank you letter from them which stated that when they received the Certificate of Release of Federal Tax Lien, it was one of the cornerstones of returning them to a new start at life.

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