New Scams Target Your Covid-19 Stimulus Checks


Ready for one more nasty side effect of the coronavirus?
How about tax scams!

The irs says scammers are using the global pandemic and economic downturn to rip off taxpayers.
So sarasota tax attorney mary king is sharing a list of scams you should watch for.
Phishing schemes using keywords like “Covid-19” “Coronavirus” and “Stimulus” are playing on fear.
These emails are blasted out to large numbers of people, in hopes of retrieving personal identity or bank account info. Seniors and people with limited english skills are prime targets
Social media scams have become another popular tool for the fraudsters. We share a lot of information online and some of it can be used as ammunition for a scam. Remember if an online stranger is working hard to gain your trust- they probably don’t deserve it.
Bogus charities: setting up fake charities has become a popular pastime for co-vid crooks. So before you give, ask for a federal employer id number to be safe.
Then there is the w-2 rip off, this is a growing concern with so many businesses closed and employees working from home. If a scammer gets access to your email, you may see a request to change or update your direct deposit info. Don’t do it!
Sadly, sometimes it’s an “Inside job” there are shady tax preparers out there, especially now when many legitimate tax professionals have closed their offices and work remotely, so do your homework.
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