Negotiating With The IRS – Should You Hire A Tax Attorney?

These days, it’s popular to DIY, aka do it yourself. While that may be good for your home projects, it might not work in your favor if you need to negotiate your tax issues with the IRS.

A tax attorney can be your best investment if you’re dealing with the IRS, as you will likely not have considerable experience dealing with the IRS.

Tax attorney Mary King of the Law Office of Mary E King PL says:
“When involved with negotiations with the IRS… it’s important that you understand that there are many options available and you need to know what you are dealing with before starting the negotiations. Mistakes made during this process can lead to greater penalties later on.”

Negotiations with the IRS can happen in two ways. The first occurs when the IRS tells you what they want, and you can negotiate from there. However, now that the IRS has already made an offer, they may not be willing to negotiate lower. Intimidating, right?

The next option can occur after you file your taxes and receive a bill from the IRS. At this point, you can either negotiate or hire a tax lawyer, because your case will be much stronger with an attorney there to guide you… and be by your side, easing your burden.

There are many benefits to hiring a tax attorney, including sound advice and guidance, experience with negotiations, and insight into the tax repayment process. A tax attorney can also help you determine what amount you can reasonably afford after negotiations with the IRS and to determine your ultimate resolution.

The Law Office of Mary King has been dealing with the IRS for decades… and there isn’t any tax problem they haven’t seen.

With this type of experience and confidence on your side, you stand to achieve a more favorable outcome in your negotiations with the IRS — including the possibility of a lower tax bill. So give Mary King a call and see if she can help you.

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