Mail Backlog at IRS

If you send a check to the IRS for your latest tax payment and it still hasn’t cleared, don’t panic. The check may still be in the mail. The Internal Revenue Service says piles of unopened mail are sitting in trailers outside their facilities, all because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Back in the spring, when many IRS offices were closed, daily delivery stacked up in those trailers with no one processing them. As workers returned for tax season, they began sorting through the postal pyramid, but new mail comes in every day. So, getting caught up has been a tall task.

Meanwhile, the IRS started sending out balance due notices, creating a firestorm. After an avalanche of complaints, the agency now says it will post checks based on the date they were received, not the date they were processed. So, Sarasota tax attorney, Mary King, has this important advice, do not cancel your check, because that could leave you facing interest and penalties. The IRS also says their phones are ringing off the hook with taxpayer questions, which is slowing down the processing even more. So, if you have a question, call the law office of Sarasota tax attorney, Mary King, or visit