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What to Do If You Receive an Audit Notice from the IRS?


No one looks forward to being audited. In fact, it’s often considered to be one of the most unpleasant experiences one can go through. So it’s completely understandable if you’re not the least bit excited to receive an audit notice from your good friends over at the IRS.

Moreover, your head is likely swimming with questions. What should you do? What does this mean? Do you have any recourse? Can you get out of it? 

Well, fear not, because you aren’t alone in this. IRS Attorney Mary King and her dedicated team are here to answer your most pressing questions and provide you with options to address your impending audit. When you know what to do in the event of an audit, you will find things to go much smoother than expected.

Audits: What Are They?

In short, audits are unbiased evaluations and examinations of a person or organization’s financial statements. Depending on the complexity of the organization or person’s spending, audits can get equally complex and time-consuming.

Most audits, however, take place over mail correspondence. As such, you typically don’t have to worry about an IRS representative going through your files and receipts trying to piece together your purchase history. Instead, you will receive a letter in the mail that details what you need to show proof of. This is generally very easy to resolve and requires you to mail back a receipt or other documentation showing when and where you bought something.

It’s worth mentioning that less than 1% of the population of the United States will receive an audit notice from the IRS. But you’re unfortunate enough to be part of that <1%, it’s good to know what to expect. Read on to find out what to do if you receive an audit notice from the IRS.

I Got an Audit Notice. Now What?

You are probably receiving an audit notice because the IRS flagged your tax return for some reason. This occurs when the IRS’s “Audit Triggers” detect a discrepancy in your taxes. The first thing you should do is stay calm and don’t be alarmed.

If you were honest on your tax return, you have nothing to fear. But if you intentionally tried to mislead the IRS so that you would get back a larger tax return, you could find yourself in trouble. If you took your taxes to a tax service, you should contact them to see if they can help you clarify the problem. If you still can’t get anywhere, you should contact an IRS attorney Sarasota, Florida to assist you further.

It’s also important to note that not all notices from the IRS are related to audits. Sometimes, you might get a letter asking for simple clarification regarding information from your tax return. This can go as far back as the previous three years. Therefore, it’s good practice to save your previous recent tax returns in a secure location just in case you are called on later to discuss them.

After opening your IRS audit notice and verifying that’s what it actually is, you should find specific instructions explaining what to do. If you are at all uncertain about how to respond, your best option is to contact an IRS attorney for guidance and direction. IRS attorneys have considerable experience communicating and negotiating with the IRS regarding numerous tax-related matters. As such, you can trust that your attorney will act in your best interests while helping you obtain a favorable outcome.

You can aid your IRS attorney by providing them as much relevant tax documentation as you can find. Most notably, you’ll want to locate the previous year’s tax return and any receipts or paperwork associated with the item or items listed in your audit notice.

The more relevant documentation you can find, the better prepared your IRS attorney will be to represent you. Remember, the IRS can audit you going back three years, so it’s a good idea to hang onto your tax returns from that far back. When you’re confident that you have all of the necessary proof, contact IRS attorney Mary King to get started.

Did You Receive an Audit Notice?

If you received an IRS audit notice, contact IRS audit Attorney Mary E. King. She and her team have extensive experience to help you overcome your tax audit concerns. Moreover, hiring the Law Offices of Mary King ensures that you get the highest standard of service regarding your tax matters.

To request the services of the Law Offices of Mary King, please fill out our online contact form or call us directly at 941-906-7585. We are happy to arrange a consultation to discuss your tax needs.

The information in this blog post is for reference only and not legal advice. As such, you should not decide whether to contact a lawyer based on the information in this blog post. Moreover, there is no lawyer-client relationship resulting from this blog post, nor should any such relationship be implied. If you need legal counsel, please consult a lawyer licensed to practice in your jurisdiction.

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