don’t take on the IRS alone

Don’t Take On The IRS Alone

IRS Problems

The sooner you contact a tax lawyer the better when it comes to dealing with the IRS. Penalties and late fees can pile up and they have the right to seize and even freeze your business and personal bank accounts until the matter is resolved or they are paid off.

Tax matters can be very complicated and one simple error during your filing can result in thousands of dollars in penalties. If the error was years ago and you are audited, the fees are retroactive from the time of the error and can pile up putting your entire financial future in jeopardy.

Tax debt to either the State or Federal government are not something that can be set aside and dealt with later. They need to be addressed as soon as you are aware there could be a problem. Since tax laws and regulations change frequently it can be very difficult for anyone person to stay current on every little detail that has been changed.

Small business owners and these who are self-employed are at a higher risk of audit and penalties than the average taxpayer. The problem is these are also the same people who can not afford to have all their accounts frozen while the tax problem is sorted out.

It is impossible to earn a living as a business owner if you do not have access to your bank account, yet the IRS expects you to earn the money to pay the penalties which keep adding up with interest every day.

We all make mistakes, but a mistake on your return can turn into a nightmare very quickly. Why should you have to be penalized for a simple error when the IRS has been known to make some errors as well. They don’t have to pay you huge fees and interest if they make a mistake, why should you?

Don’t risk losing your income to the taxman, call a tax attorney that will work for you and get the matter resolved as quickly, cheaply and painlessly as possible.

Fighting the Internal Revenue Service on your own could take months if not years of your life, and you have no income or savings while fighting them. Can you really afford to go it alone when they hold all the cards?

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