IRS House Calls

If you make more than 100 thousand dollars a year and haven’t filed one or more tax returns in recent years, you may get a visit from the internal revenue service. That’s right, the IRS says it will make a “house call” to more than 800 higher-income people who skipped filing returns. It will be the final step before civil or criminal action for non-compliance, and as the year, goes on, more people will be added to the IRS “visit ” list. The feds will focus on the most egregious cases first- the ones in which individuals have been contact several times via u-s mail with no response. And in this day and age when there are so many scams out there, the IRS is taking steps to make sure you know the visit is legit. agents will provide two forms of official credentials including a photo i-d. And here’ s a word of caution-IRS employees *don’t make threats, or demand unusual forms of payment like gift cards. Remember, the government may know your income even if you don’t file a return, based on third party reporting info from employers or financial institutions.
Individual income taxes are the largest group of uncollected taxes even before audits, representing about 314 billion dollars. That’s not exactly pocket change, and this new compliance policy is no joke. so don’t take chances. file your tax return, do it on time, and if you need help in the Sarasota Area, call Mary King at  941 906 9585 or visit