Internal Revenue Service Covid Related Slowdowns


Let’s Be Honest, Most Of Us Don’t Need Another Reason To
Complain About The Internal Revenue Service, But Here It Is:
Taxpayers And Tax Preparers Alike Say They Are At Their Wits End Over Co-vid Related Slowdowns At The I-r-s
Tax Preparers Say Payments Are *not Getting Applied In A Timely Or Proper Fashion, Erroneous Notices Are Being Issued, And It’s A Huge Waste Of Time To Research A Notice Just To Determine It’s Not Legit.,
But Wait There’s More…
Other Tax Pros Say
Trying To Get Through To The Irs With A Question Is An Exercise
In Patience And, In Some Cases, Futility.
A Lack Of Consistent Communication Is Infuriating.
Refunds Are Delayed, Which Is Especially Tough This Year In Light
Of The Pandemic Related Economic Slowdown.
And Written Correspondence With The Irs, Seems To Go Into
A Black Hole, Never Acknowledged And Never Acted On!

If You’ve Experienced Any Of These Frustrations ,
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