How Cryptocurrency Will Affect Your Taxes?

What’s better than paying taxes? Almost EVERYTHING. But… getting a refund can soften the blow.

The IRS is reminding taxpayers to check their tax submissions for common errors that could delay refunds or otherwise affect normal processing.

Tax attorney Mary King offers some advice to avoid these return blunders as the May 17 due date looms. She says: “Filing electronically through available e-file service providers is a great way to minimize your chances for tax return mistakes. This is also a great way to maximize your deductions and reduce the taxes you may owe as many of the tax software “bots” do it for you as you fill in the blanks.”

Many of the e-filing services can apply the latest tax laws, search for available deductions, compute the calculations, and let you know if you’ve missed any required information. Mary King further suggests to be sure that you have all of your income documents available when you’re starting your tax return. The last thing you’ll want are penalties and interest. But for more complicated tax issues, you will want the expertise of a qualified tax attorney by your side.

When you have tax questions, Mary King has your answers.

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