Covid-19 Still Affecting Your Installment Agreement?

If you received tax relief as part of the irs “people first” initiative and didn’t make previously- owed tax payments between march 25 and july 15 2020. You need to act *now*, to avoid penalties. And sarasota tax attorney mary king has some guidance. For installment agreements, you need to resume payments by your first due date after july 15th. Under the initiative, the i-r-s didn’t default agreements, but interest did accrue and the balances remains. If you suspended you direct debit payments, call the bank to make sure the first monthly payment on, or after july 15th, is sent. again, that’s in order to avoid penalties. If co-vid 19 is still keeping you from making good on your installment agreement, mary king can work with you and the IRS to revise your plan.

If the irs is still reviewing your offer in compromise, or has accepted your offer, but co-vid is still creating a hardship, restart your payments and make up missed payments by the deadline. Then call mary king to guide you through creating a revised compromise that will work for you and the IRS. Finally, private collection agencies have been on hold for a few months, when it comes to IRS debt, but the grace period is over.

So, if you need help call the law office of sarasota tax attorney mary king or visit